Unlike a Who’s Who, this book is not about achievement or fame, simply in the Trinidad & Tobago context, or even in the regional context: it is about performance of a world-class nature. Hence the title “World Class Trinidad & Tobago,” which is meant to be taken literally.

The authors, Elliot Bastien and Sandra Bernard-Bastien, take the reader on a voyage of discovery as they showcase the world-class achievements of many individuals from Trinidad & Tobago, in such diverse fields as literature (with Nobel Laureates), sport (with world record holders and Olympic champions), science (with individuals who have made major scientific and medical discoveries), international politics (with a Foreign Minister of China and renowned political theorists) and the performance arts (with winners of the Oscar, Emmy, Grammy, and Tony).

Readers will discover some little-known facts about the country’s role in the development of the world’s petroleum industry (including the first oil well in the Western Hemisphere), and just how important a player Trinidad & Tobago is on the global industrial stage, having produced the most successful model for the development of the natural gas industry.

The book explores the fascinating histories of the country’s cultural heritage – calypso (which produced the first record album to sell one million copies), carnival (which has spawned Europe’s largest street festival), limbo (the most recognizable dance in the world) and steelpan (the only new family of musical instruments invented in the 20th century).

In addition to photographs of some considerable historical interest, World Class Trinidad & Tobago: An Area of Abundance – Profiles of Performance is brimming with gorgeous shots of the country’s eclectic architecture and scenic coastline. Stunning images of tropical flora and fauna emphasize Trinidad & Tobago’s unique biodiversity.

As complete a book on this remarkable country as the reader will ever find in any bookstore, this treasure trove of information is an absolute delight both to the eyes and to the minds of readers.